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Solar Energy

The Basics of Solar Energy
Do you know much about solar energy? Here is a list of some basic residential terms, ideas, and products which utilize the sun’s energy from The National Renewable Energy Labratory

The sun is very powerful. Okay, that may be a bit of an understatement. Seriously, the sun casts enough energy onto the earth in one hour to power all worlds electricity for one year. What’s more, IT’S FREE! That’s right, the sun provides free energy. In fact, the sun is responsible for all known useful sources of energy. The thing is, some forms of energy are easier than others to extract and/or use. Drilling for oil is perhaps most expensive of all. And, I’m not talking about the expense it takes on our environment, I’m referencing the fact that it cost more to derive energy from oil, than directly from our worldly source of energy the sun through solar energy.
Let me say this again: all energy is derived from the sun; our civilization depends on energy, and some methods of gatheri…

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